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Almost every internet site you visit, from dating apps, secure banking, almost all require you to create a personal account and password. Life is difficult enough and remembering all those passwords and logins is asking too much for many people.

Using simple passwords makes us vulnerable and easy to exploit. There are many simple passwords people use including “password” and "123456789". Some try memorizing complex passwords and use it for everything which makes it just as easy as you only need to hack one unprotected site and you have access to everything that person has an account including banking. Either was identity theft is on its way.

If you use a password protection platform that has a high level of protection you have a much better chance at protection

The password protection platform can even generate new, random passwords.

There are many good platforms out there. We think we can improve and make you life easier in a different way. We are simply looking for your feedback so we can gain insight into what is most important for the users of these platforms.

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From Free USB to Free Security & Privacy

The Future Is Coming!


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