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Bitwarden & Keez

Security is the driver for password managers, Bitwarden, 1Password and Keepers are top drivers in the current password technology. We reviewed many products before we choose the Bitwarden platform as an interim solution for our valued Free USB Members.

Bitwarden versus Keepers & 1Password

Bitwarden uses AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 to guard your data

1Password also makes use of AES 256-bit encryption to guard your data. It uses a secret key as a further layer of safety to protect your account and data versus PBKDF2 SHA-256. There is also a Travel Mode in 1Password, which lets users delete touchy records and restore when you get to your destination.

Both Bitwardern and 1Password provide awesome safety. If you wish to read and understand the level of security and why we choose Bitwarden as your interim solution please read Specs & Tools.

Bitwarden: Features encrypted attachments. Although a simple feature it was a  reason we felt you may prefer this option. Please comment on the feedback form in your account.

Specs & Tools

One item you should always consider above checking the encryption standards and authentication options, is if the company has been in the news for any data breaches recently. You can do this with a simple search.

We did review online magazines such as PC and Slant as well detailed analysis from Cure53 Bitwarden Report pdf.

Click here for Best Password Manager PC Mag

Click here for Keeper versus Bitwarden

You can use these tools if you are tech inclined:

Tools & Software (as outlined in

The Review

Here is a link to the Cure53 Pentest-Report Bitwarden Password Manager 11.2018

We took this task very seriously, as we do our work to bring you the future of privacy and security.

Please login to your account and keep up to date on our progress. We are using this method as we will file a patent at the end of this process. We are developing a proprietary platform we will publish open source. Until then we will keep working to make sure the work we do is used for good purpose, and to make your life easier.

Your Team @CapitalKeez